Cretan Night Heraklion


* Cretan Evening An evening full of fun and excitement in a traditional village in the mountains. Experience the local cuisine (meal and unlimited barrel wine is served) and a variety of traditional dances and songs from all over Greece. Dancers in colorful costumes and musicians playing the “lyre” and “bouzouki” perform a live show in front of you. Do not hesitate to try some of the dance steps on the stage! It is there and then that one gets to learn how to dance the Cretan dances. Come live the experience! Should take : Comfortable shoes, camera CRETAN EVENING ARRIVAL IN ANOPOLIS ( village near Heraklion) AT ABOUT 19:30 AN EVENING FULL OF FUN AND EXCITEMENT IN A TRADITIONAL VILLAGE ON THE MOUNTAINS. EXPERIENCE THE LOCAL CUSINE (MEAL AND UNLIMITED BAREL WINE IS SERVED) AND A VARIETY OF TRADITIONAL DANCES AND SONGS FROM ALL OVER GREECE. DEPARTURE TO HOTELS AT APPROXIMATELY 22:30.


To Know

don't forget to take with you your camera.... dsfesfds gfds gd

To Do

swim in the lagoon



entrance fee at the museum : 6 EUR per adult, 3 EUR / child



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